Thursday, March 24, 2011

Our Farm Animals

Although we do not yet have our farm, we still have our share of animals. Not having be raised around animals myself I have always been a bit fearful around them, which I must have passed on to my children, because they freak out upon encountering Maggie, the dog belonging to their grandparents. A dog they have been around for their whole lives.  I am truly sorry for that. Because I do think Animals and Childhood go together. A boy and his dog, a girl and her pony... right. Well all is not lost!

It would seem that Kyle has taken a liking to our neighbors cat. He sat with the cat for two hours yesterday. It was so cute. This cat hangs out around our yard, although I am not sure why. Every time Ella walks out the door to play, if she sees the cat she screams and runs back in the house, or yells at it to shoo and get.
I will say it melted my heart to see Kyle enjoying one of Gods creatures. I can't wait until we have chickens and cows, oh and maybe a few barn cats!


  1. This is so cute Katie, I love the pictures of Kyle. I loved cats myself and we had lots of puppies and kittens growing up. Only thing is we never got to know them long enough, dad would take them to the pound as soon as they were weened, but we did have dogs & cats. I hope your kids overcome their fear, animals are wonderful pets.

  2. Kyle is getting so much bigger, I love seeing him enjoy the cat! That's a cool looking cat.

    We have a German Shepherd/Border Collie mix in my house and I can say that it definitely been rewarding and that there was some aspect of childhood lost - there's always something. However when Nathanael and I were in High School we did have a cat for about a year and Nathanael basically had Gus.

  3. If I remember correctly, Gus Terrified me!