Friday, March 25, 2011

Groovy Smoothie

Breakfast time around here is usually pretty chaotic. The kids wake up hungry and I wake up sore and tired.  Most mornings I wished I bought store bought cereal , but that is not the way it works around here. ( except on special occasions, and when I have gone temporarily insane ) Usually I just suck it up and make scrambled eggs with fruit, or pancakes from freshly ground flour, but on those mornings when I have a hard time getting started, I turn to the trusted smoothie.  Its great, good for them, and they feel like they are getting milkshakes for breakfast, oh and super easy and quick! Here is how I make ours!

Kefir is a cultured dairy, that I make here in my kitchen I will show you how, kinda like yogurt only a little thinner and more active live cultures and bacteria ( yummy I love bacteria in the morning) Very Very good for you!

Here are some of the other ingredients, bananas maybe two or three. This morning two and a half, because Clara ate half of the third!  Frozen Strawberries, more kefir, and liquid stevia, a plant based sweetener, ours is vanilla cream flavor. 

See the strawberries. 

This is really and truly raw honey, we like it because, it has not been heated and still contains enzymes that are helpful in digestion, and its local, so its helpful with allergy issues, but that is another post. 

How pretty does that look! 

Now you see the strawberries! 

 Did I mention the kids think they are getting a treat! 

 Should I explain to my children why the heck I am taking pictures of them drinking their breakfast?

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