Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Thankful Wednesday

There is a blog I follow called Heavenly Homemakers. Laura, who writes the blog, has been a real encouragement to my family.  Part of the reason I wanted to start blogging was because her blog so inspired me.  Every Tuesday on her blog she does what she calls Gratatuesday. She talks about the things that she is grateful for. Its really refreshing, because a lot of blogs do an awful lot of complaining.  Well taking notes from Laura, I decided to post about the things that I am thankful for. I plan to do this on Wednesdays, hints the name Thankful Wednesday. I know, not as cute as Gratatuesday, however, I believe that Thankful Wednesday will help me to remember all the wonderful things that God has and is doing in my life. I would love to hear what it is that you are thankful for in the comment section!

Psalms 100: 4  Says  Enter his gates with Thanksgiving and into his courts with praise; be thankful unto him and bless his name!

This Wednesday I am most thankful for Friends and Family!  Eric and I have been through some tough times in the lasts few weeks, and Eric has had a lots to do, and keep up with. We have a rental property that we are hoping to fix up and sell, so that we are not paying two, count them two mortgages. Being overwhelmed with the busy season of his profession, and all the extra blessing of work, Eric has not had the time to put into our rental.  Well this past Saturday Friends and Family gathered for a good old fashioned barn raising! A workday to bless us, and boy were we blessed!  We got more done in that day than Eric would have been able to do with weeks of work. All the overgrown landscaping was removed ( I am talking big bushes ) and cleared out, and new put in its place, grass that was way overgrown was cut, and a tree taken down. The sub floor in the laundry room was put down, and much more!  I did not get to the property in time to take before pictures, and for what ever reason I forgot to snap some after, but I did get some shots of the workday. Although not everyone was pictures who worked, we would like to thank everyone!  I am so thankful to God that he has surrounded us with such wonderful loved ones!

Eric's Dad putting down flooring in the laundry room! 
Our good friend Mike who took down this tree

And a rather blurry picture of our friend Mark!

Many more came to help, these were really all the picture I was able to take! 
Special Thanks to 

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