Friday, February 17, 2012


Maybe its nesting, or just thinking about adding a fifth child to the mix, but I feel the need to organize every square inch of this house. I have really been feeling overwhelming with all the laundry piles, and refrigerators that you can't even see what you have or are out of. I always feel like I am picking up toys, and children shoes.
Homeschool books, and workbooks and crayons and markers and glue and scissors all seem to be breeding and multiplying. I dread going into our closets and laundry room. So I have decided to make a few changes. First to our daily schedule and routine. I am tweaking and rearranging a daily and weekly schedule. Now this is really big for me, because my personalty is more fly by the seat of my pants type, and I don't like things to be rigid. I go with the flow most of the time. except that flow seems to be leading me to more and more chaos.
You might not have expected me to admit to any of this, and the people who are not in my everyday life may think that I have it all together. The wonderful thing about blogging ( other then getting to express my opinions and creative juices, and share with you all the fun I am having ) is that you only see what I want you to see! That is the truth with all bloggers. While some may indeed have it all together, most probably have that hidden closet that they would never post a picture of on their blog. Lets face it, I have four kids and one on the way. I am a busy person, and have a bit of a procrastination problem, although I like to just say I am poor at time management. Anyway, big plans are underway to get my act together before baby number five comes along.
I wanted to do this post because, I know that I need some level of accountability. I don't expect emails like, hey did you get all your laundry done yet? But, just knowing that you are going to expect a follow up, with some pictures will help me to stay on top of things.  So there it is the ugly truth, I am not perfect! Those who know me best will be laughing their butts off, because they already knew that, and somehow manage to love me anyway. Who knows maybe this will motivate some of you to reorganize a section of your life.  Well here is a good place to start if you need some additional motivation. This blog had me drooling over the possibilities. I can't believe that I am actually excited about doing laundry.
Here is what I am planning.
Clean out the closets is first on my list, simultaneously I am doing all the laundry. ( this is a big deal, I can't remember ever having all my laundry caught up)   I took some before pictures of our closets, and I am working up the nerve to post them. I think it will be easier when I have some nice pretty after pictures to go along with them. So stay tuned!
Then after all the laundry is caught up, I have plans to spruce up that area. We can't afford a total makeover in any room, but I do plan on doing a bit of touching up! It will be fun!
After that I plan on doing the kids rooms and toy closet. Then I have plans to move into the kitchen and revamp cabinets and pantry!
I am working on a chore system for the kids, as well as a workbox system to help them with schoolwork.
I will keep you posted!

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  1. Hey, how are you? Congrats on the new little on! Just wanted remind you that the Loveland Farmers' Market is having a meeting tomorrow night (Tuesday) at City Hall at 7:00. Are you thinking of being apart of the market this coming season? We'd LOVE to have you! Oh, and on a personal note, I'd like to know if you make rice flower? Thanks, Missy