Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Menu plan for the week ( a little late)

I have not been doing menu planning much anymore because, well, it just seems overwhelming while being on this diet. Trying to combine meals in a way that we can all eat the same meal, but that it serves my dietary needs and my husband is still happy with the food, has been a challenge. I noticed that when I fail to plan a menu, I end up in worse shape, and we scrounge for dinner most nights. So I am jumping back on the menu planning band wagon.  Here is the line up for the rest of this week.

Breakfast  Soaked oatmeal for the family ( eggs for me )
Lunch  : Quesadillas w/ cut veggies ( mine are going to be made with almond flour crepes )
Dinner : Roast Chicken w/ steamed veggies

Breakfast : Sausage, eggs, & fruit
Lunch : Chicken salad wraps on almond flour crepes
Dinner : Burgers

Breakfast : Coconut flour pancakes and sausage
Lunch : Deviled eggs, cut veggies and dip, and lacto fermented pickles
Dinner : Pot roast with veggies

Breakfast : Smoothies and almond flour muffins
Lunch : Quesadillas
Dinner : Chicken Teriyaki stir fry with home made teriyaki sauce

Breakfast : Butternut squash baked custard cups
Lunch : Taco soup
Dinner : BLT ( almond flour bread )

Breakfast : We eat with our church family  ( I will be bringing mini egg quiches, gaps diet friendly )
Lunch : Sandwiches ( almond flour bread )
Dinner : Chicken enchiladas ( almond flour crepes for the tortillas )

Extra snacks this week, Homemade yogurt, baked apples, homemade crackers, crispy nuts, grass feed raw cheese, fruit, and any other snack my pregnant belly must have!

* From this point on, unless otherwise noted, you can assume that any grain needed for a meal will be replaced by an almond flour or coconut flour equal, or just veggies. You can assume that any condiment or sauce I use will be homemade to the gaps diet standard. ( like my mayo for the chicken salad or the teriyaki sauce. )  That way, when I include,  chicken enchilada's in my menu I don't have to point out that almond flour crepes are subbing for the tortillas or that the sauce is homemade.

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