Monday, June 6, 2011

Pounds of Potatoes

Yesterday, at Kroger I found a bargain on Organic Potatoes. 3lb bags of potatoes all marked down to  99Cents per bag. That's about half price. The 3lb bag of organic potatoes is usually $1.99 a bag.   I could not help but buy all they had. I think I got about 20 bags, so 60lbs of potatoes.
I know you are asking right now.  " Katie, what in the world are you going to do with 60lbs of potatoes?"
That is a very good questions, one I asked myself about 4 times on the way home from the store. Well I guess the answer will come to me. For right now, making homemade hashbrowns and cubed potatoes, and freezing them, sounds like the best thing to do!  I love finding good deals like that!  It really makes a difference in our food budget when I find deals and buy in bulk.  I know its not Thankful Wednesday, but I am thankful for all these potatoes, and the great deal I got on them!

If you would like a good tutorial on how to make hashbrowns and freeze them, here is a good one at Heavenly Homemakers :


  1. how about using that fancy dehydrator and they will all fit in a gallon zip loc bag? :) so proud of you.

  2. Thanks Diane, you are the only one that will comment! I love hearing it! I love you guys so much!