Friday, May 27, 2011

Making the switch

Some time ago, around the time that our 6 year old daughter was born, we decided that we were going to make the switch from white flour and white sugar, to less refined versions. Whole wheat flour, and raw sugar, honey and maple syrup were all we planned on using. I am very glad we switched gears in this area, and could go on and on  and on about the benefits of that. In fact I plan to in the near future. I plan on talking about why I grind my own wheat , what I believe to be true of grains and how to make them more digestible, Why we drink raw milk, and why I would never feed my family soy products. When to buy organic and when is that not necessary, how I make my own dairy products, and much much more. I plan on going over the ins and outs of our diet. ( for those of you who are no doubt on the edge of your seat waiting! ) But the more practical purpose of this post is to inform you that while my recipes I post will call for whole wheat freshly ground flour, I realize you may not have access to that, and while I will be using evaporated cane juice crystals, sucanat, honey and maple syrup, You could certainly use what you have on hand! For now that may very well be white flour and white sugar. That's ok! We are certainly not perfect in this area, and I have been known at family functions to chow down on a cupcake now and then. My kids are no strangers to junk food as well ( they do have grandparents )
Anyhow, I am hoping the more you learn, the more you will want to make the switch as well!

Here are some simple changes you could make today
Eat fresh fruits and Veggies
Drink lots water
Take a walk

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