Monday, May 23, 2011


Being Frugal does not come natural to me. It seems like a lot of hard work to cut coupons, and find bargains, and is it just me or does anyone else have a hard time finding coupons that they actually use, or coupons for the natural foods? Not sure what I would need 50 cents off of captain sugar crunch cereal for, but that is not how we eat. I have tried a few different coupon websites, but to no avail.

I have discovered something that is great, even better than coupons.  Free! Free is better than coupons. I am talking free anything!  Have you ever heard of Swagbucks? Well let me tell you all about it! Swagbucks is a search engine  ( like google is a search engine ) and that is exactly how you use it.  The difference is when you search with swagbucks you can earn swagbucks ( points ) to spend on free things. So far I have earned a whooping $15  in amazon gift cards just for using swagbucks as my search engine.  They have all kinds of redeemable prizes, and let me tell you there is no catch,  I have not spent a dime of my money!  I made them my homepage instead of google and the points really started racking up!  I can spend my Amazon gift cards on lots of things! Amazon sells everything. I just bought my brand ( seventh generation ) of dish soap, ( not with a coupon, but for free)  See how much better that is!  If you tend to agree with me that free is better then coupons. Try swagbucks! You can sign up through this blog, by clicking on the link to the side, or the link at the very bottom! Remember to make it your homepage, so that you always remember to use it and rack up those points! Tell them Katie sent ya!

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