Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Thankful Wednesday

Psalms 100: 4  Says  Enter his gates with Thanksgiving and into his courts with praise; be thankful unto him and bless his name!

This Wednesday I am thankful for Modern Medicine. I know that sounds strange coming from me. I mean if there is an herb or natural way to cure something, that of course it the first thing I turn to, I have two or three herbal concoctions going in my pantry right now. ( I will tell you more about those later ) but this weekend, there was no herb I could turn to, and no natural treatment for me. On Sunday my tooth started to hurt. On Monday, the tooth pain was so bad, well lets just say I discovered childbirth would have been a better feeling. It was brought to my attention by some good friends of mine that I have an abscessed tooth. (ouch  does not really do it justice!)  You know how in the hospital that will ask you that silly question, on a scale of 1 -10 what level is your pain? Well maybe I am just being dramatic here, but my pain yesterday was off of that scale!
Well sure enough I do have an abscessed tooth, so I am on my second day of antibiotics, and I will say it again, This Wednesday I am thankful for modern medicine. My thoughts ( Well the ones that were not screaming ouch.... youch...eeh oh my... oh no...) were centered all day yesterday and today on what it would have been like before antibiotics, before modern medicine.  those who had to endure this kind of pain without help, and sometimes would die with an infection like mine.  I say out loud " Father God, Thank you for allowing me to be born in a time of modern medicine, thank you for giving us such talented nurses and doctors, thank you for discoveries that make antibiotics possible, Thank you! 
I don't take the use of antibiotics lightly.  The whole point of antibiotics ( biotic meaning Life, so anti life, like in living organisms in your body) is to kill all the bad bacteria, and in doing so they kill all the good bacteria as well.  So I will be uping my dose of probotics  ( pro life ) and that should be an extra guard to help ensure that when my gut repopulates and as it heals it will promote the good guys!  For more info on this topic please visit this link!


But for now antibiotics are what is needed!  And for those of you who are wondering, I will be visiting the dentist later this month! ( and yes, I found an all natural dentist ) 

Thank you Valerie for all your help, and thank you Jeff and Mary, and thank you Clark family as well!

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