Monday, May 23, 2011

Sorry Grandma

If there is one thing I remember about my Grandma, its that she had a deep loathing for snakes. I generally share her views on snakes. You would not catch me within 100 yards of one if I could help it. I certainly would not hold or touch one. Snakes have been a theme with our family this spring. It all started with me cutting the grass, and running one over in the yard with the lawn mower. If there is one thing that I hate more than a snake, its a snake that I ran over with the lawn mower, cut in half and still moving! Yuck!  To top that off we have been spotting an assortment of all size snakes in our yard. We have gone a week or so without seeing a snake, so I thought maybe they understood my hatred for them and decided to flee for a more friendly and lawnmower free environment.
Well a recent trip to the Cincinnati Zoo proved to be the icing on the cake. My boys thought it would be fun to hold a snake. Not to look at from afar, not to pet, but to HOLD!  Of course not wanting to my boys to pick up on my fear of snakes, and encourage them to be manly and all that kinda stuff, I stood by proudly while they held a snake. I believe it was a small python or boa or some dangerous jungle snake like that.  Anyway, Kyle was not one bit afraid or hesitant, he jumped at the chance, but Andrew was hesitant, I could tell he wanted to hold that snake, and he wanted to know what that would feel like, be a manly boy, but he just couldn't bring himself to do it.  As he was watching his younger brother, I could tell that the wheels in his mind were turning. He kept pacing back and forth and saying  " should I, or shouldn't I ". Putting aside my totally grossed outness , I said to Andrew " if you don't try this you will regret it later" So he agreed with me, and held the snake.
I have a new found respect for snakes, They have the ability to boost a child's self esteem and give them a sense of pride.  Andrew was beaming! He was well aware that he could now do something that many grown men would not be willing to do! He walked away a little taller, and really happy he went for it!  As for the snake itself, I am very glad its back in its cage where God intended it to be!

Kyle Holding dangerous jungle snake

Its one thing to hold a snake, quite another to actually enjoy it! 

 Andrew holding dangerous jungle snake.

 Andrew getting a little more comfortable. 


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  1. There are so many times that we have to go beyond ourselves to provide what it is our children need-Good job Katie!