Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas

Before the day ends, I wanted to hope on my blog and post a merry Christmas greeting to everyone who reads or follows my blog! I hope and pray that you are having a wonderful time with your family and enjoying all the wonderful gifts that you have been given.  We have had a wonderful Christmas day. We did all our running around in the three days leading up to Christmas, and have been able to stay home with our children and play games, and watch movies, and really just enjoy each other all day today!  I love watching my kids open their gifts, I was so in the moment this morning that I forgot to grab my camera and snap some shots. I really like it when you hit the nail on the head, and get that perfect gift for your children. I also enjoyed finding the perfect gift for my husband, and of course I myself made out like a bandit!  I know that Christmas is not about the presents, however, to me it seems like I celebrate Jesus all year round. Through out the year, I think about what a gift Christ is to us, and how awesome our creator is to have stepped into human flesh and join us down here. I like to think of not just his birth, but his life and his death. He is the greatest gift of all, and the real reason for Christmas!
 I managed to snap off some pictures of some of the day, Here is what I have so far. This was breakfast.
Part of our breakfast this morning, fruit salad.

Grass fed, Organic, Beef Sausage Sliders from
U.S Wellness Meats.
There website is in my link section

Farm fresh scrambled eggs, thank you Shrum family!

Here were some of the kids before bed last night, in the new pj's they got from Grandma, and Aunt Aura. The girls had so much fun matching! 

How sweet they are!
To all of you, my readers, friends and family, have a blessed day, and enjoy what is left of Christmas! 

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