Wednesday, December 14, 2011

our pop dumping party.

Some of you might think that I am a health food snob, that I am over the top, and not living in reality. That's ok, most of you still love me anyway. At our house we don't drink any pop. We call it pop, but I have read that in other parts of the country people call it Soda, or Cola.  What ever you call it, you know what I am talking about. that sugary, chemical laden, caffeine containing, carbonated beverage. ( I often refer to it as death in a bottle ) Our culture is so in love with the stuff. And it never fails that we host a get together around this time of the year, everyone brings a bottle of pop. My children have yet to adopt my hatred of the stuff, and of course want to guzzle it down by the bottle full. This is a problem for me, because I really don't even think one glass a year is ok. Some well meaning relatives will give my poor deprived children a glass behind my back, and well I agree to turn the other way, but at the end of the night when everyone has left the party, we are left with several bottles of pop. That's what happened after everyone left our house Saturday night. I let the pop sit there on the counter until Sunday night when my kids begged me for some of it with our dinner. Trying to make them understand why it was so bad for them to drink pop, reasoning with them about how their growing bodies did not need all that sugar, not to mention High Fructose Corn Syrup ( I don't care what commercials the corn refiners industry puts out ). My Children were not getting the picture, they just wanted a drink of something sweet. So I firmly and lovingly said " NO WAY"  and decided to dump the stuff out right then and there so that it would not be a temptation for them any longer. Rather than having them sit there and watch me pour the pop out, I asked them if they wanted to. Much to my surprise they wanted to, even got excited to open and dump full bottles of pop down the sink. So That took the sting out of not getting to drink it, and I snapped some cute photos.
This is just some of the pop that we had leftover

Clearly it has a hold on her.

See that big grin on his face, I am not a mean mom, right?

And that is how we officially deal with pop!

This is an eye opening video about pop consumption, take the time to
watch it, I promise you will learn something.

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