Thursday, December 29, 2011

My Grain Free Breakfast

I know that I need to take the time to write a post about why I am grain free and on this crazy diet, but the explanation is a lengthy one, and I would like to take my time and explain it the right way. If you are really interested go over to and check it out for yourself, but for now just trust that I know what I am doing, and roll with me on this one. Finding a variety of grain free breakfast recipes is really hard. I love eggs and could eat them all the time, I am really not sick of them, and I know that they nourish my growing baby, however sometimes something else sounds good too. This morning I snapped a few shots of my breakfast and really it looks pretty good! It tasted pretty good too!  I made tomato egg cups with cheese on top, and butternut squash pancakes ( totally grain free)  They really were very good! I love fresh tomato, I happen to find a few good ones at the store, and that's hard to find this time of year. My kids loved the pancakes, Andrew however, thought the texture was a bit off.  They really can't complain to much, the pancakes were smothered in cultured butter, and real maple syrup.
All the photos are before baking and cooking, everything was gone before
I could snap any after photos.  

Look how beautifully orange my butternut squash pancakes are!

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