Tuesday, December 6, 2011



Well Many of you know already that I am expecting our 5th child. On the way to Florida this past October I was very nauseous and did not quite feel right. So I had a hunch during the 16 + hour drive that I needed to pick up a pregnancy test once we arrived. Picking up diapers on the same trip that you pick up a pregnancy test is something I have gotten use to. Say what you will about it, we view our children, born and unborn as huge blessing to us. We love and enjoy each and every one of them.  Our last baby who is now almost 3 yrs. old was born at home assisted by my mom and husband, and shortly after her birth our midwife. It was a wonderful experience to be at home and I learned a lot about myself.  I learned that I can have a baby without any pain medicine. I learned that its was wonderful to have a baby in a tub of warm water. ( it really helps the pain ) I learned that an hour and half is apparently enough time for labor. I also learned that you really need more iron in your blood if you want to be somewhat safe.  See I was quite anemic going into labor and delivery, and while I will not bore you with all the details of what happened, I learned that a home birth can lead you to the hospital visit  that you were trying to avoid. I ended up needing a blood transfusion and received  two units of blood. ( now I know how much blood is worth or at least what its priced at. $500 a unit ) Not sure if you wanted to know all that.
I believe that most of my friends and family would prefer that we have our baby safely in a hospital this time. But I would like to give a few thoughts on this matter. First let me say that while I probably would have been a little better off in a hospital for the birth of Clara, I really believe that had I tried to make it to a hospital I would have had her in my mini van, and not have had all the help that I had at home. I really feel like God put it in my heart to stay home, because of that very reason. Second I do very much still believe in home birth and my heart will always want that for my births. I believe that home birth is a safe and wonderful option for many woman. We have to remember that pregnancy is not a condition but rather a natural process that happens to our bodies. Its not an illness. Women's bodies were created by God to do the job of bringing babies into the world. And in their homes are where most of them gave birth to their babies until the medical establishment felt that it was their job to bring babies into the world.  A great movie ( I think netflix has it ) is the business of being born, check it out. Even if you never intend to have a baby at home, it is very informative, and can warn you of some of the pitfalls to avoid in a hospital birth experience. I learned a lot!
with all that being said, in evaluating my current situation, I really don't have an answer for those of you who are dying to know my plans for this birth. I have been in communication with both my home birth midwife and my doctors office where I see my midwife that would deliver in a hospital. I will continue to monitor very closely my lab work. Eric and I are both praying that God would give us the wisdom to make this choice. And I will keep you posted.

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