Monday, December 5, 2011

Blogging again! ( and vacation pics )

Well I know that it has been a long absence, but I really enjoy blogging, and thought that I would pick it up again and see how it goes! Not sure that its wisdom to pick it up again during the busiest time of the year, but we will see how well I keep up! Here is what you missed while I was gone. My farmers market season ended and all went very well. I made lots of new friends and customers, and made a little money to boot! After the market ended my wonderful husband took me and the kids to Anna Maria Island Fl.  We have visited the island three times now and have fallen in love with it. Here are a few pics from our trip.

   This is Eric and I on our date night ( thanks Mom) we went to a place called the beach house. We were right on the ocean. Love that husband of mine!

One of the first things we do on our trips to Anna Maria is stop at beach bums bike rental store. Here are my monkeys gearing up for some biking around the island.

My mom came with us on vacation, and unfortunately the only pictures we took were the pictures of us taking her back to the airport. They were good ones though. 

I really just love that my kids share my love for Chinese food! 

A bike ride to the park near our house.

You can kinda see the bay in the background.

What a ham!

Stunt man.
We were very blessed that our house had a pool! 

It was a great Vacation and we had a wonderful time. I thank God all the time for the great opportunities that we have. We really all look like we belong in Florida don't we? At least that is what I keep trying to convince my husband.  I will post more vacation pictures later on some cold winter day when I really need the memories.

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