Wednesday, December 21, 2011


When we sit down for a movie with the kids, the snack of choice is usually popcorn. I am not sure when the popcorn movie connection happened, but we all know that movies and popcorn go together hand in hand.  When I was growing up, you would not find a bag of microwave popcorn in our house. I think because of the cost difference. I remember standing on a stool and watching the air pop machine that my mom had spit out the golden goodness. Mom poured melted real butter all over the top, some salt, and a glass of ice water ( you get thirsty eating popcorn ) When I first got married, I did not have an air pop machine, and grew out of the habit of having popcorn with movies, then I found microwave popcorn, and started buying that. Then of course as our diet evolved to a healthy way of eating, and I became increasingly interested in how my food was prepared, throwing away the microwave popcorn was a given. I started buying whole organic popping corn. I did not have an air pop machine or one of those whirly pop pots, but it turns out you don't need any of that. Just a pot, a lid, some oil ( we use coconut oil, a very healthy choice ) some popping corn, and heat.
It takes about 5 min total, and the kids love watching it pop. You can't walk away from it because you could burn your popcorn pretty fast, but it really is not hard at all.   Here is some quick info about microwave popcorn that I bet you did not know.

popcorn bags contain chemicals such as perflourooctonoic acid(PFOA) which is present in the lining of the bags which vaporize on microwaving and studies have shown the chemical being linked to infertility and causing cancers.

That is just two of the major problems with microwave pop corn, I am not going to go into the ingredients list, and the fact the the corn in genetically modified.  By the way stove top taste much better anyway! Try it out.

Use about 1/3 c  coconut oil
Because we live in Ohio, this time of year our coconut oil is solid at room temp, so you will need to let that melt in the pot, before adding the popping corn.
Use a little over 1/2 c popping corn
Pour that in the pot, and turn the heat up to med high, put a lid on it, and watch it go.
You will know that it is done when you hear the popping slow down and you see the pan fill up!
Make sure you pour lots of real butter on top of that, we also like lots of sea salt.
Here are some other ideas, try using a homemade taco seasoning mix sprinkled over the popcorn, or while it is hot, grate fresh Parmesan cheese over the top of it, or sometimes for a treat, I will drizzle real butter, and then real maple syrup over it. Yum!

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